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3D Visual World @ Calamity Creations, established back in 2004. We specialise in CGI animation, graphics and visualisation and work closely with in-house marketing and production teams or media agencies to explore possibilities and create powerful imagery.

Our design expertise is backed up by engineering experience in mechanical, plastics, systems and structural design.  By understanding engineering, manufacturing and production principles we are able to create complex, realistic and accurate graphics and animations.

CGI opens up endless possibilities.  Visualisation and animation gives marketing teams the freedom to design campaigns that would otherwise be impossible, unfeasible or too expensive.


3D visualisation and animation can bring any project to life.  Whether used to enhance a client presentation, as an online marketing or training tool, or as an exhibition focal point, we work with you to generate interest and understanding, influence a global audience and outsmart your competitors.

Character animation
Product visualisation and animation
Demonstration videos
Technical support
3D turntable
Simulated interiors
Simulated exteriors
CGI stills and graphics
3D CAD modelling services

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